The investment for your session includes, stylizing. I will help you from beginning to end choose and style the clothing , the location and the vision. You will receive my full and undivided attention during the entire process.. I have a style Guide I’ll share with you and I’m happy to come and pull out things from your closet you already have !!

01 |What should I wear? Should I have multiple looks?

The collections I have listed are just a place to start. Happy to set up a phone call to brainstorm together and personalize your session for you .

03 | What if I don't see exactly what I'm looking for in your collections. Can I make up my own? 

I once was afraid of the sun, now I dance with her. I’m not locked into any specific time of day let’s talk more about your thoughts of the session and I’ll share some of mine.. it’s a marriage of your story and my art. 

02 | I heard sunset is best - What time of day do you shoot ?  

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