//  a visual story spoken through tangible photographs telling the untold pieces of your souls truth.//

"I will document your story through unposed and editorial photographs that make you feel something years from now. So someday when you're long gone, your children’s children and theirs too, will know the legacy of who you are , where they came from and feel as if they stepped back in time . It’s the imperfect pieces of your life woven together that create the beauty and the love we sometimes miss in the busyness of our daily life. I will record the details of your baby’s arm rolls, your beloved's hands and how they lace into yours, the small freckle on your nose. How your child looks up at you, how your hair blows in the wind. When we shoot inside your home, your haven, leave me to find the beautiful mundane details, the muddy boots, the hand knit sweater, the art drawn by a child. I will weave it all together for you and remind you that life is more than curated posts on social media. I will give you back your real in such a way that you will fall in love with yourself and your people and the very place you are at this stage of your life . That is my promise to you. "

it's all about you...

Shooting with Michele is like getting together with an old friend, and picking right up where you left off. From the very beginning, it’s as if you’ve known her forever. She makes you forget about the pose, and allows you to feel all the feels. It is what truly makes such a beautifully raw photo. It’s authentic, just as she is. She has such an ability to document this time of our lives that seems to go by all too quickly. Every time she sends me my photo gallery, I feel like she’s giving me something back thats been lost. There’s nothing like seeing a moment after it’s passed. We will cherish these pictures forever.
- A.S

Michele’s lens weaves together memories held in light, as she does not pose or orchestrate any of the photos she captures. Rather, she quietly observes families and with her incredible eye and sensibility, she knows presses her camera’s shutter as a page written in a book. 
- E. W

Completely obsessed with the images Michele captured of our family. She made us feel instantly comfortable and right at home in front of her camera. I was hesitant to shoot inside our home, but I'm so glad we did!  Michele made our everyday feel like we were in different places on different days - it gave a lot of variety. I love the dad and daughter pictures. Every image I look at now brings me back to the day we took them. 
- A. B

LOve Letters

a visual storyteller

Hey love, I'm Michele, A visual artist telling your souls truth through tangible photographs. With some grit and some grace.
Documenting your now with where you are in your beautiful story of life. 
I don’t create magic. You’re already magic, I just bring it out from within you and reflect it back to you. 

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*in your                   eyes                is          where i         get                  lost*

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