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Sweet newborn love right here!!! This little beautiful baby girl is a welcome addition to her three big brothers… ¬†Maybe you remember the post on the gender reveal we did awhile back? If not click on this link to see it ūüôā


You’ll be glad you did.. the expression on their faces was priceless…

Then we had the maternity session.. Here’s one from then too…

PINIMAGE¬†Such a pretty momma ….

Ok.. Ok… no more waiting… Here is that gorgeous baby girl that was waiting to come into the world… More to come soon! Until then enjoy this and please reach out if you are looking to schedule a newborn session! For the month of June only we are giving a complimentary petite maternity session with any newborn session that is booked before June 30th!



Happy Monday!





A moment.

Do you have one?

What would you do if you had a moment to spare?

Just one moment in a busy day?

A moment just for you.

Not as a parent or at your job, but a moment really just for YOU?

What would you do?

Would you take that moment to walk across a covered bridge and see what treasures you could find on the other side?

Would you look through old photographs or pour a cup of tea?

Would you sit with your face reaching towards the sun?

Would you walk the beach in search of the sweet light?

Or would you be still and wish for another?

Another moment to be somewhere familiar?

A moment to go back to what you once knew? What once made you smile?

A moment really is all it takes.

A moment to say I love you, or a moment to say I’m sorry. A moment to kiss the face of someone you love dearly… A moment. Thats it. Just one moment. Simple really.

So why do we miss it sometimes? ¬†That moment? For me it’s the everyday chaos of life. Excuse? maybe? ..I’m sure someone will call me out on that ūüôā

But I have missed moments. All too often. Moments I wish I could get back. Ordinary moments that given the opportunity to experience again would be extraordinary.

But I can’t. Life does not work that way.

So I go on… and I take a moment… A moment just for me…

I close my eyes and I breathe it in.. really breathe in the memory.

Then I’m brought back to reality by the sounds of my three kids.. Tomorrow is memorial day as you all know… It’s definitely a moment to remember those who have served our country. My kids and I will be doing just that in the morning. My son is a boy scout and he will be marching in the parade in our town. He will be holding a flag and I will be on the side smiling at him. ¬†Tomorrow I will not let the chaos of life get in the way of that moment….

Happy Memorial Day!


Is it really a choice?

Or does it just come naturally?

If every decision has a consequence and and deciding to be happy gives you happiness.

Why wouldn’t you choose it?

Do outside influences get in the way?

Does a path that is not clear hamper the quest?

Sure it can.

Could money troubles or a temper tantrum from a child make it seem like its not a choice?

That it is just what it is?

Sure. That can happen too.

If you let it.

Many things can cloud the view. But only momentarily.. I have learned that.

I have also learned this…

Energy flows where attention goes…

Yup ..

My dad again.

Sometimes he comes out with these one liners from books he has read or seminars he has attended or just thoughts he has…

Think about that for a minute….

Energy flows where attention goes…

That simple sentence makes me rethink some things some days.. That sentence gives me hope that if I focus enough on the good things in my life.. more good things will come…

Don‚Äôt get me wrong I have had PPPPAAAAAALLEENNTTYYYYYYYYY That spells plenty if you were wondering.. … well it¬† sort of does.. I exaggerated that.. clearly..¬† and added the ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ on purpose to get my point across…

I have had a ton of plenty..

Plenty of moments where I was on the on the edge of despair.. Where I thought I literally just can not take any more of the chaos or the ebbs where there should have been flows…

Moments where I was on the ground, where my heart was barely beating where I just could not get myself to stand up again.. just to fall down.. once more..

And then I am also reminded¬† as a hand reaches for me .. That God had graced my life with some of the most amazing souls to walk this path with me that I am overcome with gratitude, and that gratitude reminds me of love. That love evokes the feeling of happiness….. and from something so disheartening occurring some days I am humbled at the gentleness of the human spirit and blessed by the presence of these people in my life.

I am truly blessed…

Above all else I am blessed to be a mother of three spectacular children…

And I honestly believe…

Energy flows where attention goes…

So I focus my energy on the good things. The things I am  grateful for.

It’s not looking at the world through rose colored glasses it’s believing in the positive and understanding that happiness is a choice.. You can find happy in everything its just the way you look at it.. Sometimes its the way that it it presents itself to you, and your interpretation of it..

Sometimes its just being in the moment and appreciating it for what it is..

A cup of coffee with friend at the beach,¬†or a belly laugh from one of your kids. You get the point…

And then…

Sometimes its something so amazing you can not wait to share it….

Like today.

So when you think your struggles are too much and your life is not going in the direction you would like it to go.. refocus..  gain strength from those people in your life that guide you.. That lift you up and breathe them in. And remember energy flows where attention goes..

I did.


& remember ..

Happiness… it’s a choice…

So…What do you choose?




Some days my family is a mess of gorgeous chaos .

There are cereal bowls in the sink, half opened stevia packets on the counter from my mad dash to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

You got that .. Stevia.. Yes I’m trying to go more organic.. cleaner eating.. bye-bye sachrin Рmove over my favorite little yellow packet. and make room for the green one.. Stevia..

Then there are always remnants of last nights toys spewed in the family room & probably a towel or two lying on the stairs waiting to hit the laundry pile from which ever kid begged me to shower in the morning.

There’s also happy faces… My daughter snuggling up to me with her blanket as¬†the sun hits our face while I sip my oh so lovely cup of joe… My one¬†addiction. Coffee. It’s like my friend. I swear.. Since I was a kid I have had¬†this fabulous love for it..as true of a love that you can have for a beverage… I have it with coffee.

There’s also lots of laughter from under a blanket coming¬†from upstairs when my boys decide to do a dutch oven.. Which is just repulsive¬†in my honest opinion but I grew up with boys so although not horrified at it – I¬†still find it gross. Really gross and sometimes truth be told a little funny .

As long as they only do it to each other and not involve my poor little girl or god forbid me.

Then there’s the holy ?&(!* it’s almost time to leave..¬†And we pile in my car because as I have said before no buses in our town so we head for¬†the turn around.. And they get out with loads of kisses.. Oh.. ¬†who am I kidding.. A¬†kiss . One kiss from each of them .. And they are off.. As they get older especially¬†the boys I notice the kisses are a little bit less and only really heartfelt¬†when they come to me and feel like giving hugs and kisses , although I will say¬†recently someone told them .. Don’t ever not kiss your mom boys, I wish my mom¬†was still here so I could kiss her .. Always show her love. Nothing to be¬†embarrassed about. And they actually heard him and since then the kisses have¬†been more frequent and the hugs & love flow a little easier.

Sometimes kids just¬†need another perspective .. From someone other then their parent. You know¬†because after a while when we talk to our kids..¬†¬†I feel like they look at me like I’m Charlie Brown and all they are¬†hearing is wa wa wah wah wah wah wah!¬† And sometimes what I say is opposite of¬†what they hear.. Kinda like the game telephone which I haven’t played in years¬†and had the pleasure of introducing my kids to it on Easter. We all sat around¬†the table and it was hysterical at how the words changed from one person to¬†another… Lots of laughs and funny moments during that game..

Then it was a¬†little camera time .. It was finally decent out to shoot a little so we ventured¬†outside & had some fun.. I really enjoyed it because the dynamic of this family is¬†the same as I grew up in… two boys and me and same as I have.. my two boys then my¬†little girl.. I’m always so curious as to the interactions between siblings and to witness firsthand the relationships between them. I have to say I was blown¬†away at the connection these three had.. And their momma too ūüôā Dad was at work¬†and missed this photo op but no worries there Dad.. if your reading this they’ll¬†be plenty more ūüėČ

Until then here’s a sneak peek at some we took that day…. Lets start with the birthday girl!! Happy Birthday Paige!!! Isn’t she a beauty!!!!

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEAnd some with her momma too!

PINIMAGE¬†See we did have a lot of fun! My side kick and I had them laughing and this was before the hilarious scene with all the kids in the trampoline…

PINIMAGEHere’s my sidekick..so handsome.. don’t you think..He is actually the one who got me to take out my camera that day although if you know me, you know I really LOVE what I do…. How could I not when I get to be the memory keeper to moments like this!

PINIMAGE¬†I know, I know………. OH MY.. THOSE EYES!!!!!!…. KILLER! ¬†They happen to run in the family ūüėČ ¬†which is just another reason I know God loves me… hehehe ūüôā

PINIMAGESo sweet…. the way theses kids adore their Mom…. I can only hope when my boys are teenagers they show me love like this family!

PINIMAGEThere is one more.. another handsome guy… …. Now we have no single shots of him because he was kind enough to entertain all the kids in the trampoline.. Thank you Thank you Thank you! But here is one I just ¬†love of a momma and her firstborn!

PINIMAGEAnd of course a group shot.. minus dad… this time…..

PINIMAGEGORGEOUS family…..kind.. sweet….respectful… compassionate.. and just all around good people. My kids and I are blessed to have met them and certainly grateful for the way we did.

Oh…here’s one more of the birthday girl!!!! My personal favorite of her…

PINIMAGEShe’s going to be a future model for my senior portrait business in a few years....http://j12seniors.com/¬† Please click on this link and check out our new video there too.. She’s going to be in our next one….. Cant wait!

Until then…. Here’s a little message from us to her…

Happy birthday to you … Happy Birthday to you…. Happy birthday dear Paige.. Happy birthday to you!!!!

Enjoy your day BEAUTIFUL girl! xo