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Some more exciting news here at Michele Kats Photography and we are so happy to share it with you!

And It all starts with two words.

Hamptons West..

Have you heard about this place yet?

If you have not .. Let me tell you…

It is fabulous.

Hamptons West is a vintage inspired home decor boutique located at 77 Main Street Sayville NY.


I wandered in there one day a few months ago myself just looking to get out for a bit because this winter was keeping me in far too long.


I fell in love.

Fell in love with the all the antiques, the vintage pieces,  the hand made candles that smell divine, the old dough bowls, the glassware, the linens, EVERYTHING.  The creativity that goes into all the handmade pieces inspire me to change it up a bit in my home and how one little thing can make such a difference in a room.. I should know, I bought a framed chalkboard that is hanging in my kitchen and every week we write new inspirational quotes on it.   My kids love it and actually take the time to think of new sayings to share…

PINIMAGEBesides the chalkboard that has brought such great moments into my home.. another really awesome thing about Hamptons West is…. some our fine art is graciously displayed and for sale in there too! Some of them are framed in vintage frames  like the image above on the shelf and some of the fine art prints are mounted, that can easily be framed, put on an easel, or displayed like they show below in an old window pane.


The really exciting this is there are more collections from Michele Kats Photography coming to Hamptons West so please look for them soon too!!!

Until then soak in their awesomeness… PINIMAGE


I know your eyes are peeling the shelves in these images, but don’t wait to stop in because nothing lasts long in there! I promise you will LOVE IT!! and also check out

Hamptons West on facebook too!

PINIMAGE When you stop in tell them Michele sent you and you will receive 10% off your purchase from now until April!!

So go on friends treat yourself to some divineness….. You will be glad you did 🙂


Hamptons West   631.664.5588








For quite some time now I have been wanting to do more of mommy and me type of sessions, but in a more in depth, sweet, intimate part of being a mommy…

I have done a lifestyle approach to most of my sessions and it has been lovely.

However I still felt there was something missing for some of my clients ..

Something I was not catching…

Something that was not filling my bucket, and if my buckets not filled and I’m not completely smitten with my work… how could anyone else be…

So I thought about it for a while… a long while…

And I thought back to the days when my babies were newborn and what I wish I had to look back on…

It was not just the posed newborn images I wish I had more of..

It was those quiet moments..


That just you share with your child, when they are with you and your are looking down at them and you are in complete awe of the beauty of the moment,

Those spaces of time, are so precious and so fleeting…


As we all know our littles grow so fast and although we may wish we could..

we cant freeze time,

but we can do..

is remember it.

So I am happy to now share with all of you a new session we are now offering,

“Nursing Sessions”

to capture that special bond of you and your nursing baby,


those fleeting moments,

the ones you will surely miss one day.

Nursing sessions are taken either in your home or at a location of your choosing, siblings may be incorporated or it may just be you and your nursling sharing that beautiful time.

So please reach out if you would like to reserve your session for spring…we are looking forward to hearing from you!


PINIMAGEPlease call us at 631. 576.6445 or email us at connect@michelekats.com




We welcome you.


PINIMAGEits a new year…

a new beginning…

although if you ask my son every day is a new start.

but typically we are taught to believe that a new year is a good time to begin again..

a good time to make resolutions.

I say SCREW resolutions.

Make plans.

and listen BIG to the little ones in your life.

they usually have the most insight.

they usually have the most pure innocent response that if we follow their lead we will be much better bigger people.

Well thats what I do.

and it works for me.

But who am I ..

I’m just a mommy,

a friend,

a daughter,

a sister,

a beloved,

a girl that captures moments that matter of other peoples lives.

and i try every day to do the best i can.

some days are better than others.

some days. well they suck, but i take the suckiness { I know not really a word, but I dont care}

and I try to find some light in every day,

what I know is this.

I am one lucky son of a bi@!ch to have such amazing people in my life that love me the way they do.

that encourage me

that believe in me

that make me laugh

that make me feel good to be alive

that sometimes even makes me cry

and thats ok beacuse someone once told me tears cleanse the soul.

and let me tell you if thats true I was one squeaky clean girl these past few years…

so that brings us to 2014.

so many new things for us this year.

a new home

a new studio,

I guess its true a new year… a new beginning… a perfect time to make plans not resolutions and thats just what we are doing.

planning a life.

a good freaking life.


I want to share with you some very moving wisdom from the gorgepus girl in the image on this post.

Meet Ms S

Shes 10

and here is what she has to say about how to have a better 2014.

and I quote

“Don’t stay around people who make you feel bad. Life is to short to deal with fools.”   ~SC


beautiful inside and out that child is…or as my son says once your ten you are “preteen”

the jury is still out on that preteen thing.

till then

happy new year

and 2014.