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10 years.

3,650 days.

87,600 hours.

No matter how you break it down that is a lot of time spent with someone, and I’m just  talking about the married part. Not the years before you walk down the aisle. I admire couples like this. Real genuine…it is what is is. You get what you get… unpretentious, my home is your home…. I could go on and on. .  Im honored they chose me to photograph them for their family shoot/ 10 year anniversary.  More importantly I am proud to call them friends and its not  just because he makes killer homeade pina colodas and that she always has a some sort of italian delicacies in her house.  It certainly does not hurt but its not the ONLY reason I love them so much.  😉

They day we had our session it was a bit windy and the rain was threatening with little drops here and there.  Lucky for me I had a storm chaser on my side and the clouds were held at bay. This is just a sneak peek, cant wait to share more !


Happy Anniversary my friends!!!


Gorgeous girl right here…. A nature loving down to earth beauty. Who just happens to look incredible in a hat!!


Now this little miss is a very special friend of my son Zander. They have been in class together for three years now and definitely look out for one another.  She is just hilarious and so sweet.  I wish they could stay this age forever sometimes. Where they still look out in wonder at the sea, without a care in the world, and with such excitement at the treasures to be found on the beach. Which this day amazingly enough was a perfect oreo cookie,just snuggled among the shells.


Simple times. Simple emotions. Simply love.  <3

Today is Monday.  It is cloudy and a little breezy. Kind of humid. Not a great hair day for me. I become the chia pet on days like today. I went to see Eat Pray Love last night. Alone. I say alone because when some asked who I saw it with and I said alone. They kind of gasped. Really people? Is it that strange to go to a movie where you sit in the dark don’t talk to anyone anyway and watch a movie for two hours?  I dont think so. Seems perfectly logical to me. I am limited on time anyway and had a few hours so why not. I went.

Good movie but the book was better. Kind of got me to thinking.. …How we can imagine something in our mind so vividly but when it is played out in real life it can lose something sometimes.

I wonder if that will happen to the plans I am making for my future. Plans. I’m kind of tired of making plans. I feel like a lot of my life has been planned. Ive always had a countdown to something. My birthday, the first day of school, my next surgery , my wedding, my pregnancies, my entire life actually.  I was always looking ahead which is good in a way, but I believe it prevented me a lot from living in the moment. Lately I’m all about the moment. 😉

I’m working on being present more. It is a constant struggle for me. To still the mind and not worry about all the errands, all the chores, all the work I have and just be in the moment. I tried meditating. #FAIL.

Ill try it again, but for now, for today, Ill be grateful for my blessings, welcome my challenges, and just be with the people I am with.

Presentville, perfectly imperfect. <3

Of A Revolution. O. A. R.

To be quite honest I had never really heard or listed to this band before. Had no idea what genre of music they played, how may musicians were in the band, or if I would fall in love with them or not.

Well,  I did. Fall in love that is.

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to shoot this concert. I love challenges and I knew this was one that would definitely test my skills behind the camera or lack there of.  I started my night out right with a quick stop at Cracker Barrel. One of my favorite restaurants I might add. Those of you who know me know I’m a food snob and that cracker barrel does not  really fit the bill of a 5 star restaurant however, there’s just something about the down home cooking that gets to me. Maybe it’s the biscuits … whatever it is I love that rocking chaired porch and the Stewart’s root beer to my core.  I even got down to one peg on the peg game they have on the table.  Truth be told when I did it alone I got to three, but a friend of mine helped me and we made it to one. Pretty good start to the night if you ask me.

When I finally got to the venue I was  escorted through the back stage. It looked like the toy shop on the day before christmas eve.  Lots of little elves moving equipment, rolling big black storage containers and setting everything up.

My first view from backstage was kind of mezmorizing. You would think that I would have caught it with my camera instead of my iphone seeing as I still have the old model iphone with no flash. HINT HINT family… my birthday is coming… Get it?

I quickly grabbed my gear and climbed on top of a small mountain to get a little bit higher up to get this shot.


This band is kind of impressive.

The energy was mystifying and the music was so freakin’ good.  I have been listening to them since that night and am loving them more and more with every song played.

Jerry the sax player came into the audience and walked through the crowd,  all the while making music from his soul.  Nothing short of amazing.


The bassist was well dare I say is a cutie 😉  and played so damn well.


I really enjoyed all the music. I felt like I related to almost all of the songs and I loved the way Mark spoke some lyrics in between his singing. I liked that. A LOT.


I was very impressed when I stood in the pit. Thats where all the lighting changes happen and a lot of other behind the scenes stuff that I have no knowledge of. Just in case you didnt know that . Because I didn’t.  I recieved a lesson that night.  A few actually…


The one that sticks out in my mind is walk your path, go for your passion and your happy will follow.  It was inspiring to be there,  witnessing  these artists share a little piece of their soul. Thank you .


Summertime. One of my most favorite times of the year. I love the heat, the sun, the beach. My only issue I have with summertime is I get distracted very easily!   Im curretly working on that. 🙂 Its a  trait I think I inherited from my father. Distraction. Cant help myself sometimes. I wander.  Yup.. wander.  I’ ll see something I want to shoot or something that interests me and I go.  I think Im passing it on to my kids now too because they have become extremely adventurous and willing to try anything. Well.. not quite true for Zander, he’s my oldest. He is more cautious, and a thinker. Roman is almost a  copy of my soul.  Laila Grace .. well you just have to meet her.

The kids were in camp for awhile and parties were abundant. My sessions have been amazing, and I am so excited for the next few weeks… Lots of work for me and some good family time at the carolina coast.

I spent this past weekend with some very awesome clients, one of  which are expecting their first baby together. Maternity sessions are one of my favorite sessions. I was one of those women that loved being pregnant.  I really enjoyed it. The whole miracle of it. From the first time you feel the baby move to way your body changes I just think it is a gift.

I will say though, now that I am done . Im happy to be done.  No more big bellies or midnight feedings for me. Id rather capture the beauty in it for my clients and show them just how stunning I think they are.







See simply stunning.

Simply <3 x pi.

  • Marina Shepherd - Michele thank you for making our 1st pregnancy photo shoot so memorable for us! Paul and I are so grateful to you for capturing the beauty and joy we are feeling in having our 1st baby together and for being able to share this joy with our families and friends. We love you and your work and look forward to our baby announcement shoot!
    Marina N PaulReplyCancel

  • Mom (Grandma of soon-to-be Nine) - Absolutely fabulous!!! I never imagined it would be so gorgeous! You both look like you stepped out of Beverly Hills or the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Lol MomReplyCancel